Information Sources and Acknowledgments

Tower bell data (number and tenor weight) and OS grid references are taken from the Dove Guide pages on the CCCBR web-site.

Tower practice times and contact 'phone numbers are taken from the most recently published SDGR and DCA Annual Reports, or from personal knowledge.

An excellent source of technical and historical information, although not often used here, is "The Bells and Belfries of Dorset" by Christopher Dalton, published in three volumes by Upper Court Press - ISBN 0-9538616.

A web-site presenting detailed technical and historical information is produced by Bill Hibbert, although this is not limited to Dorset bells. As an example, see the page on Bridport St Mary's Bells.

A web-site with information on churches (including bell data) and many photographs is located at Dorset Churches and is run by Michael Day, himself a ringer.