Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers


The Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (SDGR) was founded in 1882. The Salisbury Diocese broadly covers the counties of Wiltshire and Dorset and all but a few Dorset Towers are within the Guild's boundaries.

The Guild is divided into eight Branches and four of these - West Dorset, Dorchester, East Dorset and Mere - have affiliated towers in Dorset. Each Branch has a committee which runs regular meetings and arranges Branch Practices and Training Courses to meet the needs of its members.

Membership of the SDGR is by annual subscription. All members receive a copy of the SDGR Annual Report. The Guild also produces a newsletter (Face to Face).


West Dorset
Chairman :
Secretary : 07974-172486

Chairman : 01305-849304
Secretary : 01305-784902

East Dorset
Chairman : 01929-459592
Secretary : 01202-603381

Chairman : 01747-828336
Secretary : 012587-820992

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