Blandford Area

Blandford is in the northern quarter of the county, surrounded by agricultural country-side. There are two routes leading to the town which have several towers close by - North-South along the A350, and East-West along the A357. There are more towers in the area easily within range of a day trip.

Northern Route

Western Route

Both these routes end at Blandford where there are two 8-bell towers -

Sturminster Newton's bells were rehung in 1999, and Compton Abbas had a new third and a thorough overhaul in 2002. Fontmell Magna bells were repaired and re-hung in December 2003. Bryanston Church is owned by Bryanston School (see later) and is a CCCBR Ringing Centre.

Car and Coach Parking

Parking at most of these towers is limited to street parking around the church. (None of the towers are situated on the main A-roads). However there are some exceptions -

Sturminster Newton
There is a small car-park outside the church-yard, and larger car park behind the town centre.

There is a parking area opposite the church.

There is a large car park serving a super-market, with a walk-way through to the town centre and the church.

The church is part of Bryanston School and situated in the school grounds with its own parking area. The main entrance to the School is on the southern edge of the town, just south of the main town car park (ST883059). There is another entrance from Durweston.


There are several road-side and village pubs in the area. Sturminster Newton and Blandford are both market towns and have a number of cafés and restaurants in addition to a number of pubs.


There are public toilets in the main car parks at Sturminster Newton and Blandford.